Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dreams of Being a Super Hero, An Avenger

Wouldn't it be nice to have super hero powers. The old drunken, late night college question of which super powers would you want comes to mind. There are some pretty cool ones, and some that you'd have to be strategic to employ them, and others you could imagine. But in real, everyday life most would be useless.

Through the qualifier of "everyday" life your best powers would be reading minds, and time travel. Mind reading, oh, yea, do you know how many business deals you could close by knowing what the counter party was thinking. That would be sweet. Time travel, well obviously this is cool, so any time you screw something up, you could time travel back and re-do it. Just for the pure fun of it invisibility...I'll let you noodle the value of that one.

For any of you that are regular readers, you'll recognize this character from previous post. And as I've shared before, he actually, is the same super hero I've drawn since at least 6th - 7th grade, Super Slob. Here I've just put a twist on it, with Earl dreaming or imagining himself as possessing super powers. I'm sure some gags will evolve out of this fantasy, mostly I'm sure his ineptness to manifest any power with better use than to conquer household chores, evade his wife, or make a client do what he wants.

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