Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mundane - But High Bio-Rhythm

Actually I've been in a pretty good mood lately. Don't know why, could be that whole bio-rhythm thing I wrote about a while back. So I'll denote this as documenting one of the higher points on the rhythm. As mundane as I think some of the stuff is that I post and share, this would be one of those days it would seem to be just that, mundane, but since I committed to sharing the Sketch Book Diary, I'll adhere to my self imposed mandate. I'm working towards getting more stuff up on My Cafepress Boon Store so I went out and replenished my supplies. I actually used up my earlier sketch pad, so bought a new one, that I just found out is bigger than my last, so the edges are cutting off when scanned...Sorry. I also really like the organic look of pen and ink, brush and ink, so bought some ink to practice. In the past I've just not done much with it because I do like the feel and ease of a Penstix. But that which is worth doing is worth working at. So what you get today is ink practice.
Brush and Ink
Pen and Ink B-5 Nib
Pen and Ink B-6 Nib

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