Thursday, April 26, 2012

Little Doodling - Blood, Door Bells, Kids, Camping

I've not done much doodling this where...but even these I started on some other scratch paper and forced myself to finish them on my sketch is that really doodling?
Even these I inked over trying another two nibs...both Hunt but since my eyes are so bad I can't make out the inscription. Just before I sat down to post this, my door bell was ringing off the hook. I have one of those door bells that rings the phone. I can pick the phone up and talk to the person there, I can actually see them if I'd fix the channel the door camera is programmed. It comes up on the TV...can be pretty cool, but rarely used, normally we just go to the second floor balconey and yell down, "WHO'S THERE?". This time I knew by the incessant attempts it was kids. Most likely a few of the neighborhood little girls who came buy trying to sell me their art. I'm not sure why they think I'd be a buyer of kid's art, but the are persistent. Well I'm more persistent at avoiding them, HA! I'm taking a mental holiday tomorrow, Friday. No work. I'm headed into the wilderness for a three day backpacking trip with the boys. About a 21 mile hike, two nights out. Looking forward to it, but a bit concerned about my physical stamina, I've not worked out in a long time. To that point I gave blood yesterday. On a complete whim. I was driving back from the post office, and there was a Red Cross blood drive going on at a church on the corner. Don't know why, probably the allure of cookies and juice, I turned in and bleed for them. My pulse was 58...pretty good. It took me less than 5 minutes to fill that bag. (There is a gag in there some where) Hey all you lurkers...I challenge you to comment or become a listed follower. Hello...Hello...check, check. Is the BLOG on? Can you hear me?

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