Monday, March 5, 2012

Pressure Creates Change

Without a doubt I feel a constant burden. Working at home creates no separation of time, space, or pressure. It is always here, because I'm always here. (E-gad imagine living at your office). Pressure does create change, i.e. the old coal to diamond analogy, but do I really want to be hardened? The more pressure I'm under to perform or get results, especially if it comes at the expense of my time, or knowledge, the less forgiving I become. I've only got finite resources, and I'm pretty good about rationing them to last. Lately I've made some changes to the BoonDawgoggle Blog. If you've been secretly watching you'll notice, but my impression is there is no one watching. I could dance naked here and not worry (some would say I wouldn't worry anyhow). You can see from the sketch pad I've illustrated the office cohorts piling on, and the possible change in logo for the blog.

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