Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Teen Was Still Born

I was born the last month of the last year of what is considered to be the baby boom birth years 1945-1963, so everyone I knew was older than me. Looking at it from this perspective it makes perfect sense that I identify more with older people, especially those about 10 years older than I do with those 10 years younger. What this created was a situation, when I was a teen everything was about those boomers, and their successes in business and their newly found power of consumption, that shaped me. I had a subscriptions to Business Week and the WSJ, when I should of had a subscription to Playboy and Mad. When I should of been gallivanting the globe on a dollar a day, I was consumed with reading about real estate and marketing, trying to figure how I was going to make my first million.
I was so devastated when I turned 29 because I wasn't a millionaire it easily ranks as my worst birthday. Now I'm stuck. Approaching middle age. Those older than me are becoming irrelevant, as social movers and trend setters that really matter. Yes I know they are setting their on trends as they redefine what it means to be retired, but I doubt they are going to be the driving force behind the adoption of a comic strip, like they were so instrumental; (timing was everything here), for strips like Bloom County, Calvin and Hobbes, Doonesbury, and even Farside. I don't understand the younger set, I've never been younger. My whole life has been like chasing a shadow, or as I've said many times before: I've been paddling like hell to catch the wave the boomers have been surfing their whole life, and I won't reach it until it smashes on the shore.

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