Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mother Farts To Make Point. Idea Stinks.

I've got boys, for kids that is, and...well boys will be boys...not that I condone everything, and not that I don't school, chastise and otherwise correct their social miscues, I do...but they unfortunately have a certain comfort level, and a majority rule mentality when it comes to farting in front of their mother. And when it occurs, their mother will verbally brow beat them regarding her disgust with their cavalier attitude, to which the response is normally laughter on their part. They just think it is funny. The threat was thrown out there the other day by me, to them, "what if your mother would just start ripping farts in front of your friends, guys and girls"...from that threat the whole idea of how funny it would be, then it would be posted by their friends on Facebook, and Twitter, and picked
up by the local media, "Mother's Fart For Discipline..Stinks", eventually, it would go viral, and finally would wind her up on the Today Show being interviewed by Ann Curry, in a very typical manner of fake concern and desire to stir the emotions.

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