Friday, March 9, 2012

HAIL to the Pencil. The Empathetic Writing Tool

Okay, so I dedicated, well maybe dedicated is too formal a description, more like a study...yea, a study in the symmetry of the humble pencil. That mostly forgotten school day companion. The old Number 2 to your Number 1. The mandatory writing implement when doing math, because he was full of forgiveness. The pencil, unlike the pen, is full of compassion, he knows you make mistakes, and hence brings his own eraser, but yet would not begrudge you for using a stand-by eraser. Who was there for every standardized test...the Pencil. Who wouldn't run dry...the pencil. He could be sharpened at the front of the classroom with a few quick cranks on the sharpener. The ultimate sacrifice , giving you his all. But now he, The PENCIL PAL, mostly resides in the bottom of the junk drawer, or maybe he can be found in the tool box, but never does he get to attend those business meetings, those fancy dinners, those check writing and contract signing events. I think we should declare a PENCIL day (date to be announced later) HAIL TO THE PENCIL.

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