Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Out Running a Crumbling Bridge

Ever see one of those movies or cartoons where the hero has to dash across some bridge that is crumbling behind him as he runs and he barely makes it to the other side? It just dawned on me that visual is pretty much my life analogy.

I didn't realize how depressed and unhappy I must sound after looking back a some of my recent postings. And it was becoming apparent that I've been looking at things as if I was in the aforementioned scenario but running in the other direction. I was feeling as if I inevitably was going to run right into the canyon, that there was no chance of survival. But it dawned on me, I've always out run the ever present and disappearing footing beneath my feet. Somehow or another I keep just one step ahead of catastrophe, and I guess there is no reason to believe I won't continue to out run the collapse.

Oh, yeah there are days when my heels are hanging in the air, and it seems like I won't make it, but I do. I realize if I were to stop running, and I never do, I would loose to the collapse, so there is motivation to keep running. To keep trying.

Guess that is what is meant by you never fail until you quit. As long as I keep trying, things will work out.

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