Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Goals Are For Losers. Happy New Year

I've got some doodles, but been really busy, gave my scanning printer to my wife who has her office on another floor of the house.  So it hasn't been convenient to get anything scanned in to up load.  I did these scans and forgot to do them at gray scale rather than b/w.  So they are a bit sketchy, but I just don't have the motivation to go re-scan them.

If you are older than 40 most likely you've seen the Bugs Bunny cartoons with the martian that keeps trying to blow up Earth, then you get this reference.

Related image

If you've ever read Scott Adams', Dilbert creator and cartoonist, book "How To Fail At Almost Everything and Still Win Big" then you will get this reference about goals are for losers.

I'm toying around with giving Earl a different nose.  The thought came to me because I have a greeting card for sale on Boon Greeting Cards, that is a top seller during Valentine's Day season where the guy looks similar to Earl but has a different nose.  Thought maybe franchising his image into more cards and such might be a route to pursue.  Hence Earl needed a nose job.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Best Reason To Leave Your Email on Your Website

What is easier Email or Phone calls?  I'd say email any day but I think I might be in the minority on this question.  

I do a lot of marketing.  A lot of that means finding prospects, which requires looking at a lot of websites.  One thing that completely confounds me is a business website that doesn't post their email address.  There are thousands of them.  Then there is the group that try to make it difficult to just click on the email or copy it.  They incorporate spaces like: booncartoons @ comcast . net or this method booncartoons(at)comcast(dot)net, or they use some image file that shows the address.

I know why they are doing it.  It's because they don't want "spam" or junk mail.  I get it, it is a pain but is it really that painful that you would risk making it a pain for a potential customer to reach you. Most would justify this lack of an email address on their site by saying I have my phone number, they can call me.  Yea sure they can call you, but I'm pretty sure these types of people also hate getting phone solicitations so more likely than not they don't answer their phone.  They check messages.    

That's what I don't understand.  I, a million times over, would much rather rifle through a bunch of emails deleting those that I don't need than wading through a bunch of voice mails.  Voice mail are a true pain to deal with.  For the most part you have to keep clicking a button to fast forward through it if you know you don't want to listen and then listen to the same fucking instructions, "end of message", "message deleted", "next message", blah, blah, blah.  I can blow through 50 emails before I can get through 5 voice mails.  

Sometimes when I come across a website with no email addresses it just makes my inner treasure hunter come out.  I start doing all kinds of cross referenced web searches until I find the email address.  Because at some time they put it on the internet and it can be found.  Would I do this if I was a potential customer, hell no. I'd just move on to the next.   

Friday, February 20, 2015

When Family Drops By Unannounced - Like An Alien Invasion

This didn't happen all at once.  Any of you that have followed this blog will recognize I have a tendency to doodle one thing, then a day or so later add another and so on and eventually it seems to be all connected and created as a series of frames in a story.  That's what has occurred here.  My worse enemy would be to try and develop some story line from this exercise.