Thursday, February 5, 2015

Don't Vaccinate? You Deserve Whatever You Get. You Knew The Risk.

I've been listening to the news stories regarding the recent outbreak of measles.  Most of the commentary seems to be focused on the minority population; for example California says 2.5% opt out, that has decided not to have their kid vaccinated.  What has me stumped is why are there schools shutting down completely?  What you hear is they are attempting to avoid an outbreak of major proportions.  I just don't get it.

How could there be an outbreak of any major proportions if the majority of kids have received the vaccination?  It just seems counter intuitive to isolate and effectively quarantine a whole school population who is supposed to be protected because there is a minority population that has foregone the protection.

Isn't the potential of getting infected the risk you take if you don't vaccinate?  So the only people getting infected are the ones who took on that risk.  So be it, that is what they signed up for isn't it?  Yes, I've heard their are a few in the population who can't receive any vaccinations due to a compromised immune system.  Those kids who have had some kinds of cancer or organ transplants are typically the one you hear about.  For these kids I agree, let them stay at home, but even if 100% of the population had been vaccinated there are diseases that could  infect floating around.  You can't guarantee any protection for them at all.

This just seems like another instance where the government sees fit to interject itself into our lives, eliminating any personal choice or placing the burden of risk on our shoulders.  They seem hell bent on removing any self responsibility from society,  These attempts to control always seem to be driven by very small percentages.  Again by example, Californians have been given the information to decide and the right to opt out and still 97.5% of them get the vaccinations.  How can you not be happy with that level of participation?  Why does it have to be 100%? But no government see fit to insist that it control 100%.

The old saying, "You made your bed, now sleep in it."  comes to mind.

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