Saturday, March 22, 2014

Agnes Martin, Artist? That is such BULLSHIT!

I didn't have any intent to blog today.  Then I saw the GOOGLE doodle today, a set of vertical colored stripes.  Since I use several computers, but only one do I stay logged in on my Google account I figured the other computers were just not showing the image correctly.  This seems to have been the case in the past when these Google doodles have animation.  I went to my computer logged into Google, but no movement when I moved my mouse over the image.  So I clicked on the image.
This led me to all the associated links and discussions of what this doodle was celebrating Agnes Martin. This is some of the first text I read: Agnes Bernice Martin was a Canadian-American abstract painter, often referred to as a minimalist; Martin considered herself an abstract expressionist. She was awarded a National Medal of Arts from the National Endowment for the Arts in 1998" from Wikipedia. 

I continued to look at more images.  It seems all this women painted was line and stripes, vertical and horizontal, REALLY?!!?  This is somehow considered art?  I'm sorry but I cry BULLSHIT!  All this smacks of is how god damn stupid people are and susceptible they are to being lead around by the nose and told what is the "IT" thing.  It is such a glaring example of the old tale "The King Has No Clothes".  No wonder we have hit reality TV shows for all the most stupid variety of themes...tow truck drivers, and now a second generation Greek women with her parents living with her...EEEWWW that's interesting.  Each about as interesting as shoving a camera up my ass and watching my bowels move.

Crowd doodle, naked girl, drawing board, dream.  Boon,
cartoons, cartoonist for hire, boondawgoggle, one guy drawing
It says she saw herself as an abstract expressionist....I'm pretty sure secretly she saw herself as a con-artist that was over joyed she had pulled off such a masterful scam to be a famous artist for painting stripes.


  1. Amen to that! BULLSHIT!!

  2. Hear, Hear! A wannabe artist with no talent for honing her draftsmanship over the many years required to actually produce any work of substance beyond bullshit lines and dots, but still able somehow to dupe alot of the public into the scam of abstract minimalist expressionist pretentiousness.

  3. haha I just googled "agnes martin stupid" this blog came up. I am more impressed with the truck that paints lines in the road.