Friday, February 7, 2014

Women Rule The Economy - Happy Ladies, Better Pay Days

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 Maybe the idea that women rule the economy is not such a secret but I've begun to think about the significance of this truth.  I'm not in the mood to provide a lot of direct quotes of studies and quantitative analysis on the matter, but I've read plenty that support this fact.  For the moment I'll help you (mostly men because I think women know this to be true) accept this fact by focusing your attention on a mall.  How many stores are men only?  Even the stores that have things men would buy they usually have things women would buy and still the men's section is substantially smaller than the women's.   Another antidotal observation, I've had the opportunity to accompany my wife to the Atlanta Merchandise Mart.  This is one of America's largest markets where retailers come to buy the stuff they put in their stores.  Kind of a shopping mall for retailers.  It is massive and astounding the quantity and variety of stuff.  On my trips there I was one of very, very few males and I noticed in the entire place I bet there are only a handful of stores that offer man stuff.  Granted this may not be the mart where there would be a consolidated collection of man stuff, but it is still interesting.

Okay, here is my observation that has me writing about this dominance of women on the economy.  The sales of my Valentine's Day greeting cards at Boon - One Guy Drawing Cards are starting to increase and I noticed the ones selling are the ones a women would buy for her man.  The one that is selling the best right now is one specifically designed to be given to a husband if his birthday is on Valentine's Day.  Who would figure there'd be that many of them to generate the volume of sales at this one small website?

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Women, hello, you rule the world if you rule the economy.  If you want something to happen all you have to do is latch your wallets and buckle your purses.  In a short enough time the effects would be felt.  Now of course this would please many a husband in the short run, but I'm pretty sure the trickle down effect would shake them to their collective core.  If retail dried up then every business connected with retail would suffer,  not just the businesses that feed into the retails, but trucking, utilities, commercial real estate, fuel, sales tax, government, etc it is a complicated web.  Since most big corporations and governments are run by men they would eventually be inclined to stop and listen to whatever it is women had to say just to get them back to buying things.

My take away.  I'm not advocating a coup d'├ętat, but I will better align my financial future with an eye on what women want.  Happy Ladies, Better Pay Days.

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Ty Park Candles wine bottle candles
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Ty Park Candles wine bottle candles
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Ty Park Candles wine bottle candles.
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