Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Early Bird REALLY Gets The Worm. Whoa, Dude That's Deep!

boon cartoonist for hire draws random doodles worm bird mom elephant scientist rocker
"The early bird gets the worm".  Now what does that really mean?  I'm not so sure it really means the bird actually "gets" as in catches the worm.  I really think it is deeper, as in the bird understands the worm.  He really gets him.  The early bird and worm are on the same plain of thought.  They are hip to one another.  The worm is a really deep, organic being.   Truely in touch with nature.  The bird has the unigue perspective of the big pictures, a bird's eye view of the world.  Together they understand how everything fits together.   It is this small and big picture views that make their relationship whole.


  1. he he, I like that. The bird and the worm on the same line of thought. It would be interesting to see how these two complementary beings develop. Surely some potential here. Are you thinking pushing that further?

    1. Samy, thanks for the notice. It was just one of those random thoughts I have, and hadn't really thought anymore about it. But this morning, prior to seeing your post, I did have another random thought using the same theme and worked up doodle for it....so maybe there is more to this angle. Wait and see.