Sunday, June 30, 2013

Daily Routine - A Rut or A Requirement?

The morning routine.  At least the first 2 1/2 hours.
Ruts and graves.  Ruts are just long graves.  I've said it before, and I admit it is not my original thought, but I recognize its truth.  My morning rut is as illustrated above.

Is it so much a rut as a system? I wonder if this morning ritual is needed to maintain tranquility?  I think from my cat's perspective, yes.  He is without a doubt dependant on me for his subsistence.  As a multitude of cat fanciers have shared that cats want your ass up when they are ready to eat.  Mine is no different.  I can put him off some days without much of a fight, others he makes his presence and desires well known.  His favorite thing to do is lick my head board.  The headboard is wood, actually a re-purposed restaurant door, and the cat's sandpaper like tongue on the wood sounds just like he is sanding.  He'll continue to lick for moment, then look over at me to see if he has gotten a rise.  If not he goes back to licking.  If this is unsuccessful, he leaps to the top of the headboard and stands on one of the end post and leers at me like a buzzard.  Eventually he wins due to my pure good heart.  And people say I don't have empathy.  He likes his rut.  

What about my almost OCD regularity of my bowels?  How the hell I ever got on a schedule there I don't know, but I am.  Even when I'm out in the wilderness backpacking, no toilets for miles, at about the same time I feel the gentle knock at the back door.  Oh, I could ignore it, but then I'm just asking for a day of indigestion.  And admittedly, answering the door and letting 'um out, is quick, easy and satisfying on some weird level.  My butt likes its rut.

I'm pretty sure missing the Today Show is not a make or break part of the day, but I don't deviate too often from catching it while milling about the kitchen and eating my breakfast.  I've noticed over the years they are doing more and more stories that just make me sigh and think, "who the fuck gives a shit, REALLY!"  I'm surprised Matt Lauer, who seems to be a pretty sensible guy, who should have some control over the stories, allows some of the tripe to be aired.  I'm sure these feeling of mine, are more a sign with how truly disconnected I'm am with the real world.  The aveage American's appetite for nonsense is a bad rut.

Breakfast isn't always cereal, but it happens every morning, as it should.  It is the most important meal of the day.  So take that you 66% of the population that are FAT.  Get your asses out of bed, and give your body some fuel in the first hour.  Want a small butt, embrace this rut.

Oh the reports and emails. Now that is something I'd like to change.  What would be way cool is to replace that with drawing you cartoons.  Well that can't happen until cartooning can replace my current income. Which may not be too much of a bar to rise to if this year doesn't improve.  My rut is turning into a grave for sure.

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