Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer is Here and Brings No Change In My Life

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I just noticed that my last post was number 200.  I didn't even attempt to do anything astounding. . But it appears the milestone event passed with no fan fare.  Seems to be a common theme.

Well in my neck of the woods, summer is officially here as marked by the end of school for the kids.  Yah!  No more morning hassles of trying to drag two teenage boys out of bed, and get them out of the house at there different scheduled times.  No more having to fret over why the hell they don't ever seem to come home with homework and etc, etc, etc.  Now my mornings will be quite, peaceful moments, just me and my coffee welcoming a new day.

The real bummer for me is the lack of a definitive separation from one event to the next in my life.  Summer means squat.  Tomorrow I will have the same aggravations I had the day before and every other day.  I can't walk around and say, "yep, I'm a ????? now."  I'm just the same guy, same social status, same headaches, same irritations and anxieties.

Talking about social status, of which I have none, boy I wish I'd won that lotto last week.  Just a small piece.  That would surely change my status and I would of embraced that whole heartily.  Yea, I dream of magnitudanal (new word?) changes in my life.  There have been several times I've seemed to be on verge of such life changing events that haven't transpired and the memories of those near misses really keep me doing what it is I do.  It's a kind of 'gold fever".

I visited IKEA last weekend.  They have these sample home layouts set up for various, small square footage footprints.  They have one for 398 sqft.  They completely furnish it to show how little space you need.  I really think I could handle living small.  I even thought about the idea of going to Home Depot and buying one of the sheds intended for backyard storage and outfitting it with IKEA stuff.  Sticking it on some 5 + acre plot of land, landscaping it with some inviting, comfortable layout and some food gardens.  I'd be set.

I looked into it and it seems some others have thought the same thing.  Imagine that.another non-unique idea.  A lot of the small houses are on wheels so they can meet some building code or move them about.  My thought about that was why not just have a motor home or a sail boat.  Both small and portable.  The sailboat idea I think I could talk my wife into.  But as of today, I've got to wait at least 4 years because my youngest is now a big 9th grader.

Welcome to Summer y'all.

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