Monday, April 15, 2013

No Money Coming From My Butt

It is true I do not have money coming out of my butt, contrary to my kid's belief.   Not that I wouldn't like money coming from any orifice, including my butt.   Kids will absolutely drain you dry.  At every turn they want something or need something.

Now I've never been one to hand over anything they ask for, no matter how much they beg and I make a very distinct effort to impress upon them the NEED versus WANT reality of the world.  Lately it seems like there is just a lot of needs.  Like, Christ, could school lunches be anymore expensive.  They spend more a week on lunch then I ever did when I worked out of the house.  Really, and the variety of choices they get in the school cafeteria.  Whatever happened to give 'um a soy-beef burger or a square piece of cheese pizza.  Throw in 7 tater tots and call it a day.  Sports are a completely other subject and why the hell I'm expected to pay to play and pay to watch is beyond me.

Both my sons have become clothes horses.  You'd think they lived with the fucking Bushes at Kennybunkport  (I know it is misspelled I don't feel looking it up so fire me).  Every time I turn around one or the other of them is hounding their poor mother (literally poor along with me) about some piece of clothing they feel they have to have.   Luckily they are leaning toward the "prep" look and not some freaky emo skinny jean or other warped fashion statement.  Now to my wife's credit, she hits Ebay and if she can find what they think they need she get it for pennies on the dollar.  While I shop at the local Goodwill.  Which you can find some bargains if you have time to rummage. I even accepted some of my older son's hand me downs.  He out grew them.  (he's starting to get dunlap disease).

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