Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Greeting Cards Starting to Come Online

Well it was longer than I anticipated, but my greeting cards are coming online at Greeting Card Universe.  I missed the whole Christmas season.  Live and learn.

Don't forget the store: One Guy Drawing - Store

Actually, the approvals were tentative at first due to my formatting errors.  I had to get a trial version of Photoshop to make the corrections as I wasn't sure how else to do it.  So I've learned a small amount about Photoshop.  Now I'm in the market to buy an older version.

Now that cards are coming online, and I have a better understanding of the formatting and time frames my objective will be to get my store loaded up for Valentines (have a couple already in the pipe), and then step out to Mom, Dad days, and monitor what seem to be the bulk sellers that are not holiday specific.

Below is the only doodling I've done lately.

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