Friday, August 10, 2012

Being Poisoned by Wart Medicine

I swear to you I rarely get sick, even a cold. I never will or have run off to a doctor no matter how bad I feel. I'm just not one that believes much can be done unless it is really serious...I figure the body will heal itself. But realistically, nothing major has ever occurred. What I'm getting at is I tough it out.

But lately I feel like crap. Yea the stress of life is there, but it is always there and I can't see that it has ramped up or I'm responding to it in some more dramatic negative manner. The only thing I can recall that has changed is my using Compound W to remove a few warts on my foot. So I looked it up, the active ingredient is salicylic acid, and one of the side effects could be nausea, light headed, and others beyond just burned and irritated skin.

So now I have it in my head or as a serious consideration that I'm being poisoned by my wart medicine. So I'll just let the warts take over. Of course what I see on the web could just be a lot of who-ha, which I feel inclined to believe. Because how the hell could a dab of acid on the foot make me feel like such crap. If it is that strong we need to use it on prisoner as a death row treatment.

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  1. It's been my experience that many of the skin-related problems that one develops over a lifetime can be directly attributed to the unfiltered / untreated water that we consume and bathe in. I've had a whole slew of benign tumors, from pea size to much larger ones, that have continued to grow and plague me throughout my life. It wasn't until I finally moved and had a water softener installed in my new house that I began to notice the gradual shrinkage and eventually disintegration of every last tumor (from head to toe) over the course of about a year's time. I'm not certain that this course of action will have similar results on others, but I personally have been amazed at the miraculous transformation that I experienced first hand.