Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Twisted Progression From Idea to Finished Product

I figured I'd share all the various sketches and scribbles that lead to the Easter card. This all started from my guilt for not doing a Christmas card. I was going to do a New Years card, but missed that dead line, and it just evolved.
Obviously, I wanted to make the bunny snuff out Santa and his crew, in order to claim his leadership of Christian holidays.
And I wanted the bunny to be ironically beefy.
And played with the idea of a real freaky look or just a Terminator look. Yea, yea I'm warped.
The hunter and his trophies. Squeezing eight "tiny" reindeer in, plus the red nosed one and their leader was somewhat, well, a squeeze.
Then I thought, hell, just have him wipe out the entire Santa village and pillage like a Viking. But that seemed a little too gory.

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