Friday, March 23, 2012

Kim Kardashian! Hey! Stop Wasting Other People's Time

Kim Kardashian Attacked by Flour Bomb...really this is the top Google search. It is still beyond me. Then the rest of the trends: Chipper Jones, Matt Forte, Josh Johnson, Marquette, Whitney Houston, Al Sharpton, Hunger Games, NCAA then number 11 Romney Etcha Sketch, then the balance of the top are more Hollywood and Sports. Mindlessness is fine, I understand the need, but even then it is amazing out of the whole population that could be searching for info on the internet, that obviously the vast majority have little to no concern over government, politics, economy, self improvement, expansion of knowledge, learning. I went through a phase right out of college where if I was going to allocate any time to reading it was going to be something that would expand my knowledge. I just couldn't embrace the idea of reading for pure pleasure. It was about time and use of time. I guess that I why I'm perceived as such an uptight, robotic individual. I am a bit curious how many flies I catch by incorporating the top trend words in my label and title (I'm so evil...Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!)

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