Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Free Me From the Blob of Life

So anyhow, I spend my days toiling. Sometimes more like treading water. I've often been heard to say, I've accumulated so many anchors in my life that I'm not able to maneuver. I had a conversation with my wife the other day and asked if she ever wonders about the outcome of today if other decisions had been made. She said, "No." Which astounded me. I figured everyone contemplates the possible differences in life if a different path had been taken. Maybe I'm one of the few. I know I'm analytical, and the product of an overly practical or responsible up bringing. I tried to shake it early on, but eventually it engulfed me like the blob. I can see out from the interior belly of the blob, as it is translucent, but I don't have the power to break free. Oh, if only some outside force would sprinkle salt on the blob and dissolve it and free me.

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