Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Quarter Gone

Well there ya go...bye, bye 1st quarter of 2011. I lived through 11:11am and 11:11pm of 1/11/11. Guess I just have to wait until 11/11/11 to see what is up with the "ones". Yippee. Again, I didn't achieve what I wanted to achieve. I only have myself to blame. I really have to get focused. I really hate making myself do things. If I have to make myself do them, they must not be fun, and who in their right mind spends time doing things that are somewhat fun, or at least feel like they have value or purpose. Maybe that is what it is. It's not about fun it is about purpose. What is my purpose? Hmmm....I need a special purpose for the balance of 2011. Let's work on that, and I bet it ain't "make big bucks"'s something much more profound. Yikes profound. Whatever could it be? (and yes it isn't what Namon discoverd in The Jerk)

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